Mortal Gods

The Story So Far

The party met on a trading ship en-route to Greengold. which was promptly set upon by pirates just off the coast of the Island of Terror. Upon arrival in Greengold, the party gathered supplies and left promptly to deal with the pirates (and recover the ship of magical items that had been stolen).

They returned to Greengold and collected a reward for the recovered ship. The town was soon set upon by cultists who burned the Mayor’s mansion as a distraction. The party was able to save a few of those being kidnapped, but several townsfolk were taken.

The party then learns that the wife of Bilun Gandil, a rich merchant, has been kidnapped and they are commissioned to return her safely to Greengold. Since the woods are off limits, and the elves have strangely done nothing to stop the cult, the party sails north.

However, when sailing down the Sellen River, they were held up by Priests of Razmir, who demanded tithe for passage. The party engaged in a naval battle sank two ships, took another, and defeated a man known locally as the “Hand of Razmir.”


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